Support for Immigrants and Newcomers

As part of the Communauté Francophone Accueillante pilot project, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in partnership with the Prescott and Russell Entrepreneurship Centre (PREC), presents the series Starting a Successful Business in Canada: Five Steps to Success.

The goal of these segments is to support newcomers by providing them with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to start their own business in Canada.

With advice and tools adapted to the realities of newcomers and potential French-speaking immigrant entrepreneurs, the segments address five key factors for successfully launching and sustaining their business.

This series is offered in collaboration with Mustapha Amraoui, MBA, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, intercultural trainer, and founder of Intelligence InterCulturelle Consulting. His company specializes in training, coaching, and consulting in intercultural management as well as diversity and inclusion management. He has in-depth knowledge of the integration, employability and communication challenges faced by newcomers and new Canadians. He is passionate about creating positive, effective and inclusive communities, and learning and working environments that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers.


You must turn on the captions on each video for the English translation.

Segment 1: Understanding Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Landscape in Canada

The first step in starting a business is to learn about the market and adapt to the Canadian context. Immigrant entrepreneurs face many challenges if they don't understand the Canadian economic ecosystem and culture. Understanding their new playing field and the rules that apply to it is essential. Watch this segment to learn more.

Segment 2: Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Effective and Strategic Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Since entrepreneurship is a state of mind, it is the entrepreneur's personality that shapes their business and determines its success. To succeed, they need to develop the mindset of an effective and strategic entrepreneur. What are the traits, characteristics, attitudes, and qualities of effective and strategic immigrant entrepreneurs? Watch this segment to find out.

Segment 3: Steps to Starting a Business in Canada

In this segment, you will learn more about the steps involved in starting a business in Canada, from your idea to the right legal structure. The business plan is an indispensable tool that will enrich an entrepreneurial project.

Segment 4: Managing Your Business Efficiently and Strategically

There is a strong connection between management and the success of a business. Good management influences the direction of the business, from day-to-day strategy to long-term vision. In this segment, find out what you need to do to manage your business effectively and strategically.

Segment 5: Entrepreneurship Resources and Programs for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

In this segment, immigrant entrepreneurs will discover where to go to find the support and resources they need to get their business off the ground. Resources and programs are available to help immigrant entrepreneurs develop their network, gain access to financial resources, and learn the administrative and legal procedures to ensure the success of their business.

Entrepreneurship Resources and Programs for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

In Ontario and Canada, a variety of government and non-government programs and resources are available to support French-speaking immigrants who want to start their own businesses.

Training Programs and Centres

What are the characteristics of the Canadian market? What are the administrative, legal, and fiscal steps involved in starting a business in Canada?

Here is a list of organizations offering support to immigrant entrepreneurs, including mentoring services, information and training on starting a business, structuring and preparing a business plan, market research, regulations, taxes, hiring staff, and more.

Below is a list of training centres in universities and colleges offering entrepreneurial programs in French to help immigrant entrepreneurs develop their own business. These programs can help new French-speaking immigrants understand the requirements and steps involved in starting and running a business in Canada.

Note About the Resources and the Programs

These lists are not exhaustive. For more specific information, it may be beneficial to consult local resources, chambers of commerce, or francophone business networks. These organizations often have close ties with French-speaking business communities and can offer immigrant entrepreneurs useful resources and opportunities for networking and support. They can also help them establish professional networks, access mentoring programs, training, and various supports for the development of your business.

Important note: all hyperlinks were functional when these lists were created. If one of the hyperlinks is no longer working, please write to Liza Langevin, Project Officer of the Entrepreneurship Centre, by email at [email protected].