Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus


The Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus (EOWC) is a group of 11 Eastern Ontario counties and two single-tier municipalities, working in conjunction with the provincial and federal governments in promoting the region and focusing on EOWC priorities established each year.


The Warden and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell attend caucus meetings with other Eastern Ontario Wardens and CAOs to address common upper-tier issues.

The commitment of the Caucus is to work tirelessly to improve the wellbeing of Eastern Ontario by engaging local politicians and residents, and fostering cooperation at all levels of government in order to continue the momentum.

As example

The Caucus is responsible for creating and spearheading the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN): a 5,500-kilometre network of new and existing fibre optic cable to provide higher speeds and bandwidth to at least 95 per cent of homes and businesses in Eastern Ontario.

Once completed, this initiative will improve high-speed Internet access for more than one million residents of Eastern Ontario, improving quality of life and supporting innovation and economic growth in our region. The network is being built with the support of federal, provincial, municipal, and private sector partners.