Notice of Obstruction (Casselman)

Enbridge operates a natural gas pipeline which is located on the Principale Street/County Road 3 Bridge at the north end of Casselman. There is a small leak on the pipeline which is currently non-hazardous and needs to be repaired. Crews are expected to be on site repairing the pipeline between May 15th and May 26th. During this time, in order to complete the work safely, the southbound lane of traffic on Principale Street/County Road 3 into Casselman must be closed. Once this work is completed, the lane closure will be removed for a period of one to two weeks, after which there are some maintenance activities to be completed which will require a temporary (daytime only) closure of the same lane of traffic. Both lanes of traffic on the Principale Street/County Road 3 Bridge will be open in the evenings and overnight after May 26th. These maintenance activities are expected to last three weeks and be completed by June 16th.

Posted on 05/15/2023
Photo of a road barrier