New Residence

The New Residence at a Glance

The new Prescott and Russell Residence will occupy a total area of 193,000 square feet and will have a total of 224 beds, i.e.,109,000 square feet and 78 beds more than the current facility. Its design will exceed all Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requirements, providing residents with an unrivalled living environment.

Under construction since winter 2021, the new Residence will feature a central courtyard, interior courtyards, and plenty of windows to ensure excellent lighting throughout the building. In addition, the new Residence will feature a large multi-purpose hall, welcoming dining rooms, landscaped outdoor spaces, a beauty salon, as well as attractive standard, semi-private, and private rooms spread over three floors.

New workspaces and state-of-the-art equipment will ensure that staff can offer quality care in a safe environment. Modern and functional care stations will be set up at the entrances to each of the living areas to serve residents. Additional space will also be provided, above minimum requirements and standards, to facilitate daily activities at the Residence.

By fall 2024, residents will be able to enjoy this new living environment, which promises modern facilities, cosy decor, and the feeling of being at home.


  • 224 beds
  • 193,000 square feet
  • $90M investment
  • 225 Healthcare Professionals
  • Six Physicians
  • Large windows
  • Indoor gardens
  • State-of-the-art healthcare
  • Effective infection control measures
  • Cosy atmosphere
  • Quality of life


The current Prescott and Russell Residence, located on Cartier Boulevard in Hawkesbury, has been bringing high-quality long-term care to residents of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell since 1978. With a capacity of 146 beds, the facility has earned Accreditation Canada’s highest honourable mention on several occasions, including in 2018 and 2023.

In order to maintain the highest standards of quality of life and care, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell began building a new, modern facility in 2021, at a cost of $90M. The project is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure.


Located at 900 Spence Avenue, the new building is fewer than two kilometres from the old facility and will maintain its strategic location near the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital.

Road map showing the location of the Prescott and Russell Residence, the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital and the new Prescott and Russell Residence along Spence Avenue in Hawkesbury, Ontario.


The Prescott and Russell Residence will continue to provide the outstanding services for which it is renowned. The new Residence will enable its residents to benefit from the following services, among others:

  • Healthcare provided by a qualified team of Health Professionals;
  • Healthy eating and unparalleled dietary services;
  • Pleasant and fulfilling activities;
  • Therapeutic services;
  • Inclusive pastoral services;
  • On-site hair salon.


The new Prescott and Russell Residence will feature three room types: standard rooms, semi-private rooms, and private rooms.

Standard rooms

Standard rooms will consist of a generous shared living space with two beds and a shared bathroom.

Semi-private rooms

Semi-private rooms will consist of two private rooms with one bed each and a shared bathroom.

Private rooms

Private rooms will consist of a private room with one bed and a private bathroom.

All beds in the facility will benefit from adapted equipment, furniture, and accessories, including power-assisted lifts. This equipment will provide a safe environment for residents and staff alike.

Resident Home Areas

The new Prescott and Russell Residence will feature seven individual living spaces with a capacity of 32 residents each, a specialized mental health living space for residents with advanced dementia or Alzheimer's disease, and a secure living space with a capacity of 12 residents.

Six resident home areas will offer:

  • 84 standard rooms;
  • 36 semi-private rooms;
  • 72 private rooms.

One resident home area divided in two will offer:

  • A specialized unit with
    • six standard rooms;
    • two semi-private rooms;
    • 12 private rooms.
  • A secure living area with:
    • two semi-private rooms;
    • 10 private rooms.

All resident home areas will benefit from their own dining room, shared living area, and care station. The layout of the Residence in resident home areas offers residents a cosier living environment, more attentive care, and a safer environment by limiting the spread of infection.


The construction of the Prescott and Russell Residence began in spring 2021 and is scheduled for completion in 2024. Residents are scheduled to move in fall 2024.


Prescott and Russell Residence Groundbreaking Ceremony

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