St-Albert Cheese Factory

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors can be seen stopping by the St-Albert Cheese Factory to purchase delicious cheese and local products. At the same time, over 2,000 other businesses throughout Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario carry their award-winning cheese.

The specialty of the Franco-Ontarian local cheese factory is cheddar. Producing over twelve different types of cheddar, the factory offers its clients a complete selection of pure milk cheese consisting of fresh, aged and fine cheddar.

Being geographically located between Ottawa, Montreal and Cornwall, as well as enjoying easy access to a highly skilled and bilingual workforce has greatly contributed to the constant growth and success of the factory. The institution also has a very strong competitive advantage seeing as it is in close proximity to the Ontarian and Quebec markets. However, if you were to ask the administrators of the St-Albert Cheese Factory what they attribute their success to, they all would have the same answer: their success is due to the unconditional support that the community has offered them through the years.

Today, as the Factory marks its 122th anniversary, it is stronger than ever. After being completely destroyed by a devastating fire in 2013, it sports new modern facilities with increased production capacity and its members and supporters displayed an iron will that never faltered. St-Albert’s has two goals in mind: to continue their tradition of producing the best cheddar and dairy products in the country, and becoming a major tourist attraction for individuals who are travelling between Ottawa and Montreal. Thanks to pure determination.