Cassell Brewery

Launched in 2012, Cassel Brewery carries on the proud tradition of hard work and passion into every beer they brew. Fueled by their love for brewing high quality beers, they source the best ingredients and an unrelenting spirit to create some of what they believe to be truly unique and delicious beers. The microbrewery located in Casselman, Ontario offers a wide range of brews to suit every palate, from their flagship Golden Rail Honey Brown, to their flavourful Caboose IPA and their award-winning Railroad Special Maple Rye, there’s a beer for every occasion.

In no time, Cassel Brewery truly penetrated the Franco-Ontarian market that is now exclusively serving their beer at the Festival franco-ontarien in Ottawa and Toronto, as well as in numerous restaurants, theaters and events across Ontario. The brewery was one of the first to open in Prescott and Russell, but since then four other microbreweries have been created in the region.

Benjamin Bercier, co-owner and co-founder at Cassel Brewery, explained that when it came time to choose Prescott and Russell as their playground it was a no-brainer. Bercier believes that the financing and business mentoring offered by the different local governments and organizations are key factors for their outstanding performance since the very beginning.

Cassel Brewery also attributes its huge success to its ideal location  between Ottawa and Montreal. Not only is it located in an extremely supportive business community, but its partners can also source ingredients from local producers. Cassel Brewery offers seasonally a maple-flavored beer thanks to the numerous local maple producers in the region. They can also count on the numerous events and festivals that are held in Prescott and Russell to promote their delicious beers. Now that Cassel Brewery is well established in Prescott-Russell, Ontario and Quebec,  the microbrewery will continue developing its markets nationally and expand its line of products.