Why the United Counties of Prescott and Russell

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Why the UCPR

Strong markets nearby and community leadership to transform interconnected sectors into a strategy for growth.

The Prescott and Russell Economic Development and Tourism (PREDT) Department works strategically to create growth in the region. PREDT links together UCPR’s local industry sectors and residents’ skills to everyone’s advantage:

  1. Agriculture: All business sectors in Prescott and Russell benefit from the region’s strong agricultural base.

  2. Food Processing: The success of grains, vegetables and dairy grown locally means a food processor can easily source its raw materials.

  3. Commercial/Retail: UCPR businesses profit from inexpensive facilities and large nearby markets.

  4. Advanced Manufacturing: Manufacturers benefit from a vibrant research climate and large nearby crop base, as well as inexpensive facilities.

  5. Tourism: Benefit from the additional 2 million people that visit the region on an annual basis.

  6. Distribution, Logistics, Warehousing: A highly developed, high capacity transportation network, and inexpensive supply chain creates efficient ways to get products to large nearby markets.

  7. Research and Development: A strong Research and Development climate supports all sectors and ensures new and expanded industries in the UCPR.

  8. Bilingual Labour Force: Skilled and highly trained, available to all sectors for staffing.

  9. Access Large Markets: Connect to multiple nearby urban centres and beyond.

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Please consult the list of available properties in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR).

Recent investments in the Prescott and Russell Region :

$200 million - St-Eugène Solar Park
$100 million –St-Isidore Solar Park
$160 million – Hawkesbury General Hospital
$60 million – Calypso
$90 million – Ivaco Rolling Mills
$35 million – Fromagerie St-Albert
$27 million – International Hockey Academy
$15 million – Russell Residence
$20 million – Skotidakis
$5 million -417 Bus Line
$5 million – I.K.K Hawkesbury
$5 million – Modugno Hortibec

UCPR is the Perfect Place for businesses who:

  • Speak French and English but want Ontario’s Labour Laws;
  • Need to do business next to high-volume, reliable agricultural fields;
  • Want to tap into a high-volume megaregion of 22 million people;
  • Need to move goods quickly to the large markets of Montreal and Ottawa (total population 5 Million) through easy access to a highway;
  • Need to move goods quickly to distant markets through easy access to nearby airports and rail lines;

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