Green Tech - Rooted in the heart of The Nation

Mario Plouffe, St-Isidore Branch Manager, in front of his store showroom

The United Counties of Prescott and Russell are synonymous with agriculture. Many of the UCPR’s green expanses are dedicated farmland; after all, it goes without saying that the farmers who work the land must surround themselves with state-of-the-art equipment in order to optimize yield.

Green Tech, a member of the JLD-Laguë group, aims at meeting this need through impeccable customer service and a larger-than-life inventory.

And, since its creation back in 2012, it has.

Today, Green Tech has three branches, and one of them is in St-Isidore, just off Highway 417.

“Our specialty is the John Deere product line,” says Mario Plouffe, who has been the St-Isidore Branch Manager since its opening.

“We have everything large farms, small farms, hobby farms, or residential property owners could ever need.”

Indeed, Green Tech’s impressive inventory has equipment ranging from huge tractors to compact edge trimmers.

Whether for agriculture, landscaping, or even snow removal, Green Tech has the tools, the parts, and the know-how.

At your service

“Our team is devoted to our customers - we adapt. For example, if a farmer can only sow on a rainy day and that day happens to be a Sunday, we’ll be there if he needs us,” said Plouffe.

Customer service is clearly a priority at Green Tech. Its team is kept in the loop through training, customers have access to workshops, and, in the event of a breakdown, an emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“In the event of heavy equipment breakdown, the customer may call our emergency service, and an employee, not an answering machine, will take the call. We have a mobile unit that’s always available, and 99% of the time, it manages to fix the problem. If not, we can loan a replacement during the repair period at a very reasonable cost,” explains Plouffe.

Green Tech is currently working on some new initiatives that will no doubt appeal to its customers, such as the ability to browse the inventory and make purchases online.

In addition, the company set up an initiative called “Parts On-site”, which grants customers who frequently require fresh parts access to a private inventory.

“We are now installing cabinets directly at the customer’s premises. We adjust the inventory once a month,” explains Plouffe.

A symbiotic relationship

“For us, the biggest benefit of being in the heart of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell is the customer base,” said Mr. Plouffe.

“There is great focus on agriculture and agri-tourism in the region - the Festival du canard, the Curd Festival - there are plenty of festivals everywhere; it’s great for the local economy and the industry as a whole.”

It’s clearly a give-give relationship. At its opening, Green Tech welcomed more than 1,000 people. Since then, its clientele is growing, and the company does not hesitate to give back to the community.

“We sponsor milk at the St-Isidore elementary school once a year, participate in community events - such as expos - by loaning equipment, and participate in parades and festivals in the area,” says Plouffe.

For more information

Ever-growing, Green Tech is currently looking for candidates to fill some interesting positions. Those interested can submit their resume via the web, but Plouffe prefers the “old-fashioned way”: an in-person meeting on-site.

If you want to know more about Green Tech, you can visit their website or, even better, swing by the impressive store, located at 3905 Corbeil Street in St-Isidore.