Amie de la santé - your one-stop shop for health

Madame Jacinthe Desmarais, owner of L’Amie de la santé
Over the past decades, well-being (in all its forms) and healthy eating have become popular topics and, subsequently, somewhat complex for the neophyte who wants to make it a priority.

These days, many people are becoming aware and looking for ways to improve their eating habits while looking for alternatives to allopathic medicine.

The first thing those interested will notice is the plethora of information. That’s why it’s so important to have a good guide.

L’Amie de la santé, a local shop for anyone seeking natural health products, local organic foods, and complementary medicine services and advice, is the perfect place to start your journey.

“It’s more than just a simple shop; it’s a place of knowledge,” says Jacinthe Desmarais, owner of L’Amie de la santé and spouse of the late Pierre Beaudry, the shop’s co-owner from 2004 to 2018.

And that’s true. Ms. Desmarais and her team attach great importance, not only to the size of their inventory, but also to sharing advice with their customers.

“Our customers arrive with a lot of questions. We try to help and advise them. Some have difficulty sleeping, digesting. Others have migraines or the flu. We also have a lot of customers who know what they want,” explained Ms. Desmarais.

It isn’t surprising that L’Amie de la santé now has a loyal and knowledgeable customer base. The store opened over 30 years ago, in 1986. Today, in 2019, it can still be found at the same location in downtown Hawkesbury.

In addition to being unparalleled in the region, L’Amie de la santé attracts clients from as far away as Montreal and Ottawa.

Passionate professionals

When you first visit L’Amie de la santé, you will probably spend some time gazing in wonder at the size of the inventory.

Vitamins, minerals, personal hygiene and beauty products, organic and bulk foods, and a selection of homeopathic items populate the shelves of the shop. In addition, L’Amie de la santé now has a section dedicated to gift items, such as candles, essential oils, stones, literature, etc. It is even possible to buy local honey in bulk and make your own peanut butter.

“Most of the products on sale in the “supplements” section are approved by Health Canada and come from Canada,” confirms Ms. Desmarais.

In addition to its wide variety of products, the boutique offers the services of several therapists, including reflexology, energy medicine, and naturopathy.

Over the last 15 years, the store has tripled (and computerized) its inventory, increased its service offering, and attracted countless new customers.

Contributing to the local economy

For Jacinthe Desmarais, “buying local” is a priority.

“I’m in charge of the orders, so I always start by checking if we have access to a local supplier.”

Indeed, several products for sale at L’Amie de la santé come from Prescott and Russell suppliers.

With its 40th anniversary around the corner, L’Amie de la santé is still enjoying its comfortable location in Hawkesbury, one of the largest towns in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

“We offer unique products and services. We have a good reputation; people like to come here. We are not a huge store chain, so it is in our interest to encourage the local economy. Our employees are also from the area. For me, that means that seven families live well because one of its members works here,” said Ms. Desmarais.

L’Amie de la santé, with its many years in business, is the very definition of a successful local business story.

The shop has, without any doubt, something that will amaze and charm any customer.

Active on social media, it is worthwhile to visit and follow L’Amie de la santé’s Facebook page.

Located at 230 Main Street East, in Hawkesbury, the shop is worth a visit. Don’t hesitate, for you will probably come out with new knowledge and, who knows, a healthier lifestyle.