Official Plan

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Official Plan

The Official Plan provides guidance for development in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell in effective and dynamic matter, while stimulating economical growth and protecting the environment and public health.

This document contains a series of policies, which guide the Planning and Forestry Department and the United Counties Council with their decisions concerning land use planning. These policies are oriented towards protecting the economical and environmental values of farm lands, water and mineral resources. Official Plan also acts as a guide for preparation of projects in the Public Works Department, municipal budget and municipal by-laws.

The first Official Plan of the United Counties was adopted in June of 1999. Every five years, it must be revised and submitted to the public for comments. It is currently in revision.

Official Plan Review

Notice of in person Special Meeting of Council on November 24 2021 at 1pm relating to the Official Plan Review

Amendment to the Official Plan

Any individual or organization may request an amendment to the Official Plan at any moment.

The applicant must fill out an Application for an Amendment to the Official Plan and pay the appropriate fee to process the application. It is advisable to refer to the planning staff prior to submitting an application.

To process an amendment to the Official Plan several steps are prescribed by the Planning Act. The planning staff will be able to explain these steps. The process takes up to 120 days.

Ongoing Amendments