Financial Report

Financial Reports

The financial statements are prepared by the Finance Department and are submitted to independent auditors for verification. These documents present the financial situation of the Corporation of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell for a given period.

Click here to view the Financial Statement of 2016.

Remuneration of Council Members

Council Members are remunerated for their participation in meetings of Council, of the Committee of the Whole, and of any other committee under Council's responsibility. Travel and/or meal expenses are only refunded if and when Council members must attend meetings for other organizations on behalf of Council or in carrying out their duties.

Click here to view the Remuneration of the 2016 Council Members.

Financial Information Return

The Financial Information Return presents the information required by the Province of Ontario according to the Municipal Act.  Disclosed in this return are the revenues, expenditures, reserves, fixed assets, taxation information, long-term liabilities and commitments, and performance measures.