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Our emergency vehicle fleet consists of several different types of vehicle and each has a different function.


This vehicle is used to transport patients during a medical emergency and / or inter-hospital emergency transfer.

Emergency Response Unit 

This vehicle is used for daily supervision operations. The Superintendent visit teams in stations, give assistance to teams on emergency call and ensures the proper functioning of the service in the region. In addition, he will take charge of the scene if the situation requires it.

Emergency Support Unit 

This vehicle is used as a resupply vehicle as well as for operations support. In addition, this vehicle can be used at community activity.

Communication Unit

This vehicle is designed to be the communications center that can accommodate all emergency services and having the ability to be moved to the emergency scene.  For example, the ice storm in 1998. The vehicle is also used as command post for special events and group gatherings. It should be noted that this vehicle is available to all emergency services of Prescott and Russell.