Community Involvement

Community Involment

Paramedics are present in the community for activities of prevention and sensitization. We believe that by doing prevention, this can prevent accidents or incidents in the population. We are also present in community events to respond quickly when needed.

Being present in the community allows the public to know better the paramedic profession. In the recent years, this profession has greatly developed allowing us to perform very high quality treatment quickly, similar to those received in the emergency room.


Here is an activity book for children. They will learn what to do in case of an emergency situation while having fun at completing the exercise book.

Download the Activity Booklet

CPR and First Aid Training

Emergency Services do not offer training to the public. We suggest that you contact an organization providing such training to the public, for example the Ottawa Paramedic Service Community Medicine.

Public Defribrillation Program

A public defibrillation program was set up in 2008 in the Prescott and Russell area. The objective of this project is to increase survival rates with immediate defibrillation administered by the public.

Automatic defibrillators were placed in strategic public places in Prescott and Russell. Most of our schools, arenas, community centers, churches and many other public places are equipped with
an automatic defibrillator. Please note that access to defibrillators is not limited to people affiliated to these locations, but is accessible to all. Training is offered annually to employees in those locations. Although recommended, it is not required to have a training to use these defibrillators. Year after year defibrillators are added in our public locations to allow a better chance of survival to our population. For more information about this program or to purchase a defibrillator, please contact us by calling 613-673-5139.


The Mass CPR training is a CPR Level A (adult) and AED (Defibrillator) training offered free of charge, in many locations within the Prescott and Russell area, for all age groups. Our aim is that as many people as possible learn CPR and be prepared to respond to a cardiac arrest as immediate intervention is the first link in the chain of survival. For locations and dates of these courses, please visit the website.