Tool for Ready for Investment sites

L'Orignal, April 25, 2018 – This morning, the Economic Development and Tourism Department of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) launched an online tool that will allow users to visualize, in a few simple clicks, more than 100 commercial and industrial sites currently available across Prescott and Russell.

This initiative is part of the UCPR’s ongoing efforts to better prepare the region for new investments, notably as the tool in question will allow for a more effective presentation and sharing of the range of investment-ready sites and opportunities available to potential investors.

“When investors are looking to implement a project in the region, they expect to receive complete and accurate information on vacant sites,” explained Carole Lavigne, Economic Development and Tourism Director for the UCPR. “In addition, they are not always aware of all the available land in Prescott and Russell.”

Through a virtual mapping system, the tool displays available sites with the appropriate zoning for the development of businesses and industries. These lands range from one acre to more than 100 acres and are located throughout the eight municipalities. With this tool, users can search according to specific criteria to ensure they are able to find the best site for their business project.

What is unique about this tool is that each of the featured Ready for Investment sites was first subject to a comprehensive analysis of the availability of utility services. As a result, it is possible to establish whether each site has access to three-phase hydroelectricity service, natural gas, water and wastewater services, and even high-speed Internet.

If a particular site does not currently have access to one or more of these services, information on the cost of expansion can be obtained through a consultation with the UCPR. These confidential consultations allow investors to obtain all the information necessary to plan their business projects.

Although the UCPR has created this tool to offer growth opportunities to potential investors, it is important to note that the regional municipality cannot act as a real estate agent. The tool is also accessible to the public from the UCPR’s website or by following this link:
Screen capture of the online tool to promote Ready for Investment sites in the Prescott and Russell Region