The Residence accredited to the Qmentum program

Hawkesbury, June 27, 2018 – The Prescott and Russell Residence has received confirmation from Accreditation Canada that it has been granted the status of “Accredited with Exemplary Standing,” which is the highest possible level of achievement awarded for the Qmentum Accreditation Program.

The Prescott and Russell Residence was first granted its accredited organization status in June 2016, as part of the Accreditation Primer Program, with a 100-per-cent compliance score. In its ongoing process of quality improvement, it subsequently enrolled in the Qmentum Accreditation Program for the June 2018 to June 2022 cycle. On this, it obtained an accreditation success rate of 99.3 per cent.

“I wish to extend my sincere congratulations for this exceptional success, which is a reflection of the work performed every day by each employee of the Residence,” stated François St-Amour, Warden of the UCPR Council. “This exemplary standing confirms the determined commitment of all the departments within the facility to work with compassion, and constantly strive to excel in serving our community.”

During the visit from June 4 to 6, Accreditation Canada visitors observed the care provided and met with staff, residents and families. They examined documentation in order to be provided with a clear picture of how care and services are provided, and evaluated the organization’s leadership, governance, clinical programs and services, according to the accreditation standards. These include pan-Canadian standards of excellence and the safety practices required to reduce potential hazards.

“The Prescott and Russell Residence exceeds the requirements of the Qmentum accreditation program and demonstrates excellence in quality improvement,” reads the Accreditation Canada report presented on June 19. The institution recognizes eight dimensions of quality, which serve as a basis for each criterion of quality-care standards. The result: 433 out of 436 standards were rated compliant, in addition to achieving a perfect score for the 23 required organizational practices.

“The report highlights that the Residence has put a lot of effort into developing and updating a significant number of policies and procedures. It also mentions the facility’s concern to offer support to residents and families, that our residents’ satisfaction is worthy of mention, and that the proximity approach applied by the management team contributes to the engagement of staff, the quality of life of residents, and the quality of care,” explained Louise Lalonde, Administator of the Prescott and Russell Residence.

“Furthermore, it was found that the staff is committed, that the environment is dynamic and there is a coherence between what is said and what is documented, and that our employees have adopted the Residence’s mission, vision and values. This success is a testament to the tremendous amount of hard work and effort to integrate the accreditation process into our activities, and continue to improve the quality and safety of our programs and services.”

Growing stronger as a result of its experiences and successes – as well as the commitment, perseverance, and skills of its employees, physicians, volunteers, partners, and health professionals – the Prescott and Russell Residence will continue to build on a plan to improve the quality of care and services in order to respond to any opportunities for improvement identified in the report.
Louise Lalonde, Director of the Prescott and Russell Residence, presenting the Accreditation Canada Certificat in the presence of Warden François St-Amour and Mayor  Barton