Satisfaction rate at the Residence

Hawkesbury, May 18, 2018 – The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) is pleased to present the results of the satisfaction survey for residents and families of the Prescott and Russell Residence, with a general satisfaction rate of more than 96%.

This annual survey is part of the continuous improvement process regarding the quality of care and services, as well as the Qmentum-level accreditation process, through Accreditation Canada, to which the Residence is committed. The survey’s purpose was to provide an overview of the organization, alongside the overall satisfaction with the various care and services, in order to better respond to residents and families’ needs and to optimize their health and well-being.

“This survey is an important tool that will allow us to focus our actions on solutions of continuous improvement,” stated Gary J. Barton, Chair of the Prescott and Russell Residence Committee, adding that the questionnaire was used to collect information on the various sectors of care and services at the professional, relational and environmental levels.

Measures are in place to monitor and improve the various elements raised in the questionnaire. Residents and families recognize the range of nursing care provided, the great variety of activities, and that staff are willing to answer their questions and comments in a caring and positive way. Residents feel that they are safe, as well as their belongings, that the food is quite good, that the reception is warm and that the environment is very clean.

Certain areas can be improved, such as the increased need for residents to receive one-on-one visits so that they can express themselves and maintain conversations with volunteers, as well as the need to reduce the waiting period for some basic care services at specific times of the day.

“In the coming weeks, we will be reviewing how we can adapt our processes to better meet the needs of our residents and families,” confirmed Louise Lalonde, Administrator of the Prescott and Russell Residence, while also highlighting the tremendous work performed of all the employees, partners and volunteers who make the Residence a great place to live and to work.

The Prescott and Russell Residence is a specialized bilingual long-term care home, under the direction of the UCPR, which offers a range of personalized care to 146 residents, focused on the needs of the community, and this, in a healthy and safe living environment.

Residente and technician exchanging smiles in the Prescott and Russell hallways