Supporting businesses, a priority
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L’Orignal, January 16, 2017 – The eight municipalities of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) and the regional business community are together planning an economic development project that will contribute to fostering the growth of our local businesses as well as maintaining and creating jobs through interviews with business owners.

This project, titled Prescott and Russell Opportunities, aims to create concrete action plans that will be specific to each of the municipalities, in order to maintain and encourage local business and industry expansion. This project is currently in the planning stages but should begin as of March 2017.

“This project is designed to offer additional support to businesses and industries in the region,” stated Gary J. Barton, UCPR Warden and Mayor of Champlain Township. “However, before a community can support its local businesses, it must identify the needs, concerns and problems that these businesses face.”

To do so, the UCPR’s municipalities will be seeking volunteers who will be trained specifically to interview randomly selected participating entrepreneurs with the help of a questionnaire. To become a volunteer, please contact Olivier Berthiaume, Project Officer, at 613-675-4661, extension 8108 or at

“A key aspect of this project is its confidential nature. The gathered data will be analyzed by a software that will create a report for each municipality, grouping together the data of all participating merchants,” explained Carole Lavigne, Economic Development and Tourism Director at the UCPR.

The project’s rules and policies are very strict about the non-disclosure of supplied information. The information collected during the interviews will be grouped and analyzed by experts and key business community stakeholders. Economic development teams from each of the municipalities will review these analyses and will make recommendations to address the common opportunities and challenges that this project will have brought forward.