Emergency Situations and Measures Plan


Emergency Situations and Measures Plan

What is an emergency SITUATION?

An emergency situation is created by the forces of nature, by accident, by a deliberate or an unintentional action that poses serious risks to life or property of residents.

How to react in an emergency situation?

An emergency or disaster can occur at any time. Unpredictable situations such as loss of electricity, water supply or road closures may also occur without notice. You may be unable to obtain some essential supplies. Just as the federal, provincial and local authorities prepare for emergency situations, each citizen must also make its own preparations.

Each resident should prepare enough to survive, with his family, for a three day period in case of an emergency or a disaster. A guide for emergency preparedness has been published by the Department of Emergency Services.

The Survival Kit

Emergency Management Ontario recommends to prepare a plan and a survival kit to better respond to emergencies. Also, a guide for emergency preparedness has been published by the Department of Emergency Services.


Would you know what do in case of an evacuation, an earthquake, a flood, a pandemic or other hazards following a disaster? Please consult Hazards and Emergencies on the Government of Canada website to learn more on this subject.

​Emergency Measures Plan

An Emergency Measures Plan for the United Counties of Prescott and Russell area is in place in order to respond effectively to emergencies. This plan is revised annually, according to the standards of Emergency Measures Ontario.

​Responsibilities and partners

The Emergency Services of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell are responsible for the ongoing planning process and the implementation of the Emergency Measures Plan and the coordination of the plans of the eight municipalities of Prescott and Russell, to whom support is given in the preparation and implementation of their respective plans.

Objectives of the Emergency Measures Plan

  • Identify, prevent and reduce the risks which may affect local residents, the environment, property or interests of the community.
  • Improve the readiness of residents and communities by integrating emergency measures aspect in the emergency management systems of the municipalities.
  • Limit the impacts of damage on people, environment and property, that would result from identified risks.

Elements of the Emergency Measures Plan

  • Communication and Information
  • Necessary documentation and information to achieve a communications plan that meets the needs of an emergency;
  • Scientific and technical advice to key informants.

We also participate in Emergency Preparedness Week, which aims to educate people about different emergencies and inform them that we have emergency plans in place.

  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Located in the offices of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell in L'Orignal;
  • A directory of services, contacts and relevant information in support of the Emergency Measures Plan is available to people who are part of the Emergency Measures Committee.


  • Training in emergency response and emergency preparedness;
  • Required preparation to guide local authorities throughout the event of a declaration of a state of emergency;
  • We also need to train and educate the general public regarding emergencies such as pandemics and ice storms, as well as teach them what they need to do in case of a power outage. We also need to put our emergency plan into practice once a year. Emergency Measures Ontario, in collaboration with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, teaches a course in "Basic Emergency Management" and provides training for our control group and for elected members to help them better respond to emergencies.